RobYn Slade & Darren Martens Photo - #kaylagphoto

RobYn Slade & Darren Martens
Photo - #kaylagphoto

Danny & The Deep Blue Sea

BY John Patrick Shanley

Set in the Bronx, this iconic play collides us with two of society’s beautiful yet dysfunctional city misfits. After a chance encounter in a forgotten bar, their defenses dissolve and a spontaneous night of heart-thumping confession, love and chaos unfolds. With no easy way out, both are forced to dive deep in order to find a forgiveness that offers the rare chance of a more hopeful future.

Director: Sharon Bajer
Stage Manager: Ali Fulmyk
Cast: RobYn Slade, Darren Martens

★★★★ "If any one play might serve as a perfect introduction to the works of playwright John Patrick Shanley, it may very well be Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. And if any one production may serve as a perfect introduction to the pleasures of a community theatre festival, it’s this one." - Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press

Sharon Bajer Photo - Leif Norman

Sharon Bajer
Photo - Leif Norman


by DONAL O'Kelly

Catalpa is about the daring 1876 whale ship rescue of six Irish prisoners from Fremantle penal colony in Australia - all in the vibrant imagination of a screenwriter, the best movie never made! With heroes and visionaries, political intrigue, loyalty, romance, rebels and battles at sea. A subversive epic, a celebration of the power of live theatre, and for the first time, performed by a woman.

Director: Carson Nattrass
Cast: Sharon Bajer

★★★★★ "If I could give this one six stars, I would. Within the first minutes on opening night, I could tell that we lucky souls in the audience were about to witness greatness." - Joff Schmidt, CBC


To The Country

By Sharon Bajer


Produced by The Winnipeger Ensemble, "To The Country" was a theatrical dream team of artists telling the story of one man’s search for love in the hustle and bustle of Winnipeg at the turn of the last century.

Director: Sharon Bajer
Cast: Ross McMillan, Daria Puttaert, Monique Marcker, Graham Ashmore, Simon Miron
Design: Carolyn Gray
Costumes: Meg McMillan
Multimedia: Deco Dawson


The Apartment

By Sharon Bajer & Carolyn Gray

A beautifully told tale for children.
Billy, the boy watering can, has bigger dreams than to water flowers for the rest of his life...he has a dream to touch the moon.
With wild characters like Oskar the Oscillating Door Fan Man, Fistocoff and Nockle and flocks of plastic bag birds, Billy goes on a beautifully puppeteered journey of self discovery. 

Director: Leanne Foley
Cast: Sharon Bajer, Carolyn Gray