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The Keep is excited to be partnering with Winnipeg’s newest Arts Education Initiative The Village Conservatory for Music Theatre for Shakespeare Fest.
We will be collaborating with the students of the program to create a musical version of The Bard’s classic comedy Twelfth Night for the upcoming 2020 Authorfest.

Please stay tuned for more information about advance tickets, and perhaps even a sneak preview!


RobYn Slade & Darren Martens Photo - #kaylagphoto

RobYn Slade & Darren Martens
Photo - #kaylagphoto

Danny & The Deep Blue Sea

BY John Patrick Shanley

Set in the Bronx, this iconic play collides us with two of society’s beautiful yet dysfunctional city misfits. After a chance encounter in a forgotten bar, their defenses dissolve and a spontaneous night of heart-thumping confession, love and chaos unfolds. With no easy way out, both are forced to dive deep in order to find a forgiveness that offers the rare chance of a more hopeful future.

Director: Sharon Bajer
Stage Manager: Ali Fulmyk
Cast: RobYn Slade, Darren Martens

★★★★ "If any one play might serve as a perfect introduction to the works of playwright John Patrick Shanley, it may very well be Danny and the Deep Blue Sea. And if any one production may serve as a perfect introduction to the pleasures of a community theatre festival, it’s this one." - Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press

Sharon Bajer Photo - Leif Norman

Sharon Bajer
Photo - Leif Norman


by DONAL O'Kelly

Catalpa is about the daring 1876 whale ship rescue of six Irish prisoners from Fremantle penal colony in Australia - all in the vibrant imagination of a screenwriter, the best movie never made! With heroes and visionaries, political intrigue, loyalty, romance, rebels and battles at sea. A subversive epic, a celebration of the power of live theatre, and for the first time, performed by a woman.

Director: Carson Nattrass
Cast: Sharon Bajer

★★★★★ "If I could give this one six stars, I would. Within the first minutes on opening night, I could tell that we lucky souls in the audience were about to witness greatness." - Joff Schmidt, CBC


To The Country

By Sharon Bajer


Produced by The Winnipeger Ensemble, "To The Country" was a theatrical dream team of artists telling the story of one man’s search for love in the hustle and bustle of Winnipeg at the turn of the last century.

Director: Sharon Bajer
Cast: Ross McMillan, Daria Puttaert, Monique Marcker, Graham Ashmore, Simon Miron
Design: Carolyn Gray
Costumes: Meg McMillan
Multimedia: Deco Dawson


The Apartment

By Sharon Bajer & Carolyn Gray

A beautifully told tale for children.
Billy, the boy watering can, has bigger dreams than to water flowers for the rest of his life...he has a dream to touch the moon.
With wild characters like Oskar the Oscillating Door Fan Man, Fistocoff and Nockle and flocks of plastic bag birds, Billy goes on a beautifully puppeteered journey of self discovery. 

Director: Leanne Foley
Cast: Sharon Bajer, Carolyn Gray